2017-12-07 14:34 GMT+01:00 Steffen <i...@apachelounge.com>:
> I find the word Managed in ManagedDomain and MD in the other settings already 
> confusing, are not easy recognized.
> In fact lots of settings are managing domain(s).
> What does mod_md manage ?

A basic understanding or reading of the mod_md page will tell you it
is to manage generation of certificates automatically. Certificates
are associated with CN Names and those with virtualhost names. I have
a hard time trying to understand what is difficult to understand about
what mod_md is.

Perhaps changing the main description a bit will make it more
understable? "Managing domains certificates across virtual hosts,
certificate provisioning via the ACME protocol" ?

> For me mod_md manages in the area of SSL(certificates automation).
> To be more easy to recognize, I propose to make SSL include in all the md 
> settings.  In front or somewhere in the name, for example SSLManagedDomain, 
> SSLMDMember or ManagedSSLDomain, MDSSLMember.
> Maybe we can consider to rename the module to SSL_MD and include the source 
> in modules/ssl.

I've used mod_md a bit and what you describe looks on first sight
quite convoluted.

mod_md has a specific purpose to generate certificates for
specific/managed domains, but why mix directives with mod_ssl?

Perhaps a more schematic view will clear things up

mod_md: generates certfiicates for domains
mod_ssl: Load certificates for domains. If mod_md is present and
manages a domain, mod_ssl is supposed to use mod_md ones instead of
those manually given through file paths.

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