On 12/11/2017 05:08 AM, Stefan Eissing wrote:
There are important questions on how we progress the design of the server. I
have asked for participation and feedback on the design of ACME support in httpd
since April. Shoulder clapping, "go ahead!", "fine!".

Answers to design questions: not really
Requests for opinion about a "restart" feature: 0
Code request for a Windows Service restart call: 0
Request of a serf based implementation of the http client: 0
Feedback from testing by the team: 0

Opinions about renaming parts/the whole thing just days before
a possible release to users who want this: +7

You got to be kiddding me!

My apologies. I have no insight or skills in those other areas. My sole area of expertise is documentation and the users that use those documents. As I said before, please feel free to ignore my input and move on. Sorry I brought it up.

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