My 2c :)

2017-12-07 16:32 GMT+01:00 Eric Covener <>:

> > Perhaps a more schematic view will clear things up
> >
> > mod_md: generates certfiicates for domains
> > mod_ssl: Load certificates for domains. If mod_md is present and
> > manages a domain, mod_ssl is supposed to use mod_md ones instead of
> > those manually given through file paths.
> Think about people stumbling into #httpd though.

I agree with Daniel, I like the fact that we have two modules to handle
separate things. One is about implementing the ACME protocol, the other one
is about managing TLS/SSL certificates and their options. There is some
overlapping of course but putting all together might end up in confusing
users even more.

2017-12-07 16:32 GMT+01:00 Eric Covener <>:

> On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 8:34 AM, Steffen <> wrote:
> > I find the word Managed in ManagedDomain and MD in the other settings
> already confusing, are not easy recognized.
> >
> > In fact lots of settings are managing domain(s).
> >
> > What does mod_md manage ?
> >
> > For me mod_md manages in the area of SSL(certificates automation).
> >
> > To be more easy to recognize, I propose to make SSL include in all the
> md settings.  In front or somewhere in the name, for example
> SSLManagedDomain, SSLMDMember or ManagedSSLDomain, MDSSLMember.
> >
> > Maybe we can consider to rename the module to SSL_MD and include the
> source in modules/ssl.
> >
> Not trying to pile on or bikeshed but I agree with this.

I like the generic naming, it might also be good if in the future its
functionalities will be extended to include any non specific ACME related
feature. First thing that comes up in my mind is the thread "directive to
reject non-configured hostnames w/o needing catch-all virtual hosts?".

Another thing that is not technical but more "marketing" related is that
there has already been a lot of chat over the news and socials about mod_md
(at least from what I've seen) and changing its name now (or migrating it
to another module) will surely confuse people (and potentially drive them


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