Fellow Apache developers: if we want to make an X-mas 2.4 release for the 
people on this planet, the backports in STATUS need your attention:

B1: mod_proxy, mod_ssl: Handle SSLProxy* directives in <Proxy> sections,
  - needs 1 more vote!
B2: mod_remoteip: Add PROXY protocol support
  - needs 1 more vote!
B3: core/mod_ssl: Add new flag int to module struct.
  - needs 1 more vote!
B4: core: A signal received while stopping could have crashed the main process
  - needs 1 more vote!
B5: mod_journald: Add new module mod_journald to log error logs into journald.
  - has comments
B6: mpm_event: avoid a very unlikely race condition
  - needs 1 more vote!
B7: core: silently ignore a not existent file path when IncludeOptional is used.
  - needs 1 more vote!
B8: mod_md: backport of ACME (Let's Encrypt) support.
  - needed 1 more vote, reset after name change
  - requires B3
B9: mod_md related ssl changes
  - has the votes
  - requires B8
B10: mod_proxy_uwsgi: Add in UWSGI proxy (sub)module
  - needs 2 votes

I also like to add the SSLPolicy things for a backport, but that requires a
decision on B1 as the patch is heavily affected by it.

Hope you find some time to test and vote!



PS. If you announce you will test, but then do not find the time, let others 
know so they may step in!

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