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>>>> Why? If it is designed to not change between restarts then there
>>>> are much easier ways to be unique, which it kinda already is,
>>>> considering the actual structs being used.
>> I don't know what "easier ways" you are thinking about, the one
>> proposed here is not that complicated IMO.
>> In any case the method we are currently using in mod_proxy_lb *is*
>> changing accross restarts, mainly because of the line number.
>> What if you add/remove a line before the <VirtualHost>?
>> At least for graceful restarts, I think it shall not change, SHMs
>> should be reused.
> Is it a hash across the config record of a server what would give
> the desired behaviour?

We have several internal modules which sort of need this. In each case we 
generate a  sha256 and a UUID based on the FQDN or IP address and the (first) 
port number it listens on. 

And we then log this with ‘info’ during startup; thus allowing an admin to at 
some later point add a ServerUUID to the list of ServerName, ServerAdmin, etc. 
as he or she sees fit.

As in practice - we found that in the few times when you need to change that 
UUID - you are in effect doing that as part of switching to a new origin server 
or something like that at protocol level with respect to things like locks, 
caches and other short-transactions/connection RESTy things surviving stuff.

That said - having this in the core and being able to routinely seed this extra 
into things like cookies is goodness. We do that a lot now - and it helps with 
simplifying compliance a lot.


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