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>>> I'm getting lost.
>>> What would VirtualServer tag mean exactly?
>>> Thanks in advance and apologies for my slowness :)
>> The intention of VirtualServer is to solve common properties
>> for a range of VirtualHosts. It's a level between the global
>> settings and individual vhosts. Think of it as having several 
>> sets of (nowadays) global configurations for a number of vhosts.
> Hmm, I think reuse of that VS name is confusing.  How about
> HostSet, HostGroup, GroupHost, or ServerGroup?

You may know by now that I truly enjoy naming discussions here...;-) All those 
names are fine with me (except GroupHost).

> FWIW, I think it is terribly poor practice to serve the same resources
> via both https and http.  Setting an auto-redirect would make more sense.

Agreed, in general. There is the case of a server migration where temporarily 
both serve the same. Or, you serve a tls terminator on another port.

> ....Roy

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