On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 09:38:46PM +0200, Ruediger Pluem wrote:
> On 04/12/2018 09:28 AM, Joe Orton wrote:
> > But logged is:
> > 
> > ::1 - - [12/Apr/2018:08:11:12 +0100] "GET /agag HTTP/1.1" 404 12 HTTPS=on 
> > SNI=localhost.localdomain
> > - - [12/Apr/2018:08:11:15 +0100] "GET /agag HTTP/1.1" 404 12 
> > HTTPS=- SNI=-
> > 
> > Now mod_ssl only sees the "off" SSLSrvConfigRec in the second vhost so 
> > the logging is wrong.
> What does the same test result in with 2.4.29?

Excellent question, I should have checked that.  Long e-mail follows,

In fact it is the same with 2.4.29, because the SSLSrvConfigRec 
associated with the vhost's server_rec is the same as the default/base 
(non-SSL) server_rec, aka base_server passed to post_config hooks aka 
the ap_server_conf global.

So, maybe I understand this a bit better now.

Config with three vhosts / server_rec structs:
a) base server config :80 non-SSL (<-- ap_server_conf/base_server)
b) alpha vhost :443, explicit SSLEngine on, SSLCertificateFile etc
c) beta vhost :443, no SSL*

For 2.4.29 mod_ssl config derived is:
a) SSLSrvConfigRec for base_server = { whatever config at global scope }
b) SSLSrvConfigRec for alpha = { sc->enabled = TRUE, ... }
c) SSLSrvConfigRec pointer for beta == SSLSrvConfigRec for base_server 
   in the lookup vector (pointer is copied prior to ALWAYS_MERGE flag)

For 2.4.33 it is:
a) and b) exactly as before
c) separate SSLSrvConfigRec for beta = { merged copy of config at global }
   time because of the ALWAYS_MERGE flag, i.e. still sc->enabled = UNSET

When running ssl_init_Module(post_config hook), with 2.4.29:
- SSLSrvConfig(base_server)->enabled = FALSE because UNSET previously
- SSLSrvConfig(base_server)->vhost_id gets overwritten with vhost_id 
  for beta vhost because it's later in the loop and there's no check

And with 2.4.33:
- SSLSrvConfig(beta)->enabled is UNSET but gets flipped to ENABLED, 
  then startup fails (the issue in question)

w/my patch for 2.4.33:
- SSLSrvConfig(beta)->enabled is FALSE and startup works

At run-time a request via SSL which matches the beta vhost via SNI/Host:

For 2.4.29:
- r->server is the beta vhost and mySrvConfig(r->server) still gives
  you the ***base_server*** SSLSrvConfigRec i.e. sc->enabled=FALSE
- thus e.g. ssl_hook_Fixup() does nada

For 2.4.33 plus my patch:
- r->server is the beta vhost and mySrvConfig(r->server) gives 
  you the SSLSrvConfigRec which is also sc->enabled = FALSE
- thus e.g. ssl_hook_Fixup() also does nada

I was trying to convince myself whether mySrvConfig(r->server) is going 
to change between 2.4.29 and .33+patch in this case, and I think it 
should be identical, because it is *only* the handling of ->enabled 
which has changed with _ALWAYS_MERGE.

1. my head hurts
2. I think my patch is OK

Anyone read this far?

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