The Impala JIRA has 129 tasks that have no assignee, are still open,
and are labelled ramp* (i.e. ramp-up, ramp-up-introductory, etc.).

I'd like to find which of those tasks are good tasks for someone who
is making their first Impala patch. I intend to promote those on one
or more of : the blog, the twitter account, this list, the user list,, and so on.

The tasks should be the kind of thing that someone won't need too much
hand-holding on, once their have their dev environment up and working.

To do this, I was thinking of adding a comment to all 129 tasks to ask
the watchers of each issue if it should be labelled "newbie". This
will send hundreds of emails, which is a bummer, but it seems to me
like the best way to track the discussions and decisions.

What does everyone think?

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