Cool, it seems very helpful to me to have such a list of easy tasks.

I think that watchers of these issues could often be interested in a fix,
but might not necessarily know how much effort these issues are. Would it
be an alternative to ask people familiar with various parts of the codebase
for their feedback? You could make a list of Jira-searches (or a dashboard
with a pie chart) for each "component" (be, tests, fe, infra), and send
those around, so people just need to click and can go through the list,
identifying issues they think are newbie-friendly.

We could also tag those with the language involved, so people who want to
work in a particular programming language (Python, Java, C++) can find them

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 9:50 AM, Jim Apple <> wrote:

> The Impala JIRA has 129 tasks that have no assignee, are still open,
> and are labelled ramp* (i.e. ramp-up, ramp-up-introductory, etc.).
> I'd like to find which of those tasks are good tasks for someone who
> is making their first Impala patch. I intend to promote those on one
> or more of : the blog, the twitter account, this list, the user list,
>, and so on.
> The tasks should be the kind of thing that someone won't need too much
> hand-holding on, once their have their dev environment up and working.
> To do this, I was thinking of adding a comment to all 129 tasks to ask
> the watchers of each issue if it should be labelled "newbie". This
> will send hundreds of emails, which is a bummer, but it seems to me
> like the best way to track the discussions and decisions.
> What does everyone think?

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