There's also:

in a similar vein (RDF over Cassandra). Not sure what kind of particular uses 
it expects to support.

A. Soroka
The University of Virginia Library

> On Oct 17, 2016, at 7:02 AM, Andy Seaborne <> wrote:
> Hi Claude,
> There is certainly interest from me.
> What the best thing to do depends on various factors.  By putting it in 
> extras I presume you mean it gets added to the release?  That is not the only 
> way forward.
> An important aspect of Apache is "Community over code" - will there be a 
> community around this code?  Is that community the same, or significant 
> overlap, as the Jena community?
> There are various reasons for wanting RDF over a column store - which use 
> cases are the most important for this work?
> They lead to different ways of using Cassandra. For example, Rya(incubating) 
> uses Accumulo tables as indexes, and partial scans of the table is streaming. 
>  Other systems try to use the columns for properties, possibly more useful 
> for LDP style than SPARQL.
>       Andy
> On 15/10/16 18:38, Claude Warren wrote:
>> Howdy,
>> We have a project at work that is implementing Jena Graph on Cassandra.  I
>> am wondering if there is enough interest here to accept it as a
>> contribution.  I was thinking that it might fit in the Extras category.
>> I can not promise release of the code yet as I have to present it to our
>> internal Intellectual Property group first.
>> Thoughts?
>> Claude

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