IIRC It stores CBDs indexed by subject so it is the "other" model to Rya. Better for LDP (??).


On 17/10/16 15:41, A. Soroka wrote:
There's also:


in a similar vein (RDF over Cassandra). Not sure what kind of particular uses 
it expects to support.

A. Soroka
The University of Virginia Library

On Oct 17, 2016, at 7:02 AM, Andy Seaborne <a...@apache.org> wrote:

Hi Claude,

There is certainly interest from me.

What the best thing to do depends on various factors.  By putting it in extras 
I presume you mean it gets added to the release?  That is not the only way 

An important aspect of Apache is "Community over code" - will there be a 
community around this code?  Is that community the same, or significant overlap, as the 
Jena community?

There are various reasons for wanting RDF over a column store - which use cases 
are the most important for this work?

They lead to different ways of using Cassandra. For example, Rya(incubating) 
uses Accumulo tables as indexes, and partial scans of the table is streaming.  
Other systems try to use the columns for properties, possibly more useful for 
LDP style than SPARQL.


On 15/10/16 18:38, Claude Warren wrote:

We have a project at work that is implementing Jena Graph on Cassandra.  I
am wondering if there is enough interest here to accept it as a
contribution.  I was thinking that it might fit in the Extras category.

I can not promise release of the code yet as I have to present it to our
internal Intellectual Property group first.



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