The feature packaging is a nice thing, as it allows automatic attachment of
the feature file.
However, it always use the feature-generate-descriptor, which produces a
lot of weird results.
Afaik, the feature packaging is not much used and all projects i've seen,
such as pax projects, camel, cxf, and even karaf itself (including
decanter, cellar, karaf container...).

I think part of the problem comes from the feature descriptor generation,
which is difficult to control.  I have always found much easier to simply
write the feature manually.
Although the generation process rewrites the xml entirely, so that any xml
comments or license header is lost.

Overall, I'm not sure that it makes our users life really easier.

So I'd like to propose to get rid of the feature-generate-descriptor from
inside the feature packaging and replace it with the verify goal to
validate the hand-written features instead.

Thoughts ?

Guillaume Nodet
Red Hat, Open Source Integration


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