Good idea in my opinion.

Feature descriptors should be (are) first-class artifacts and should be
carefully maintained. Relying simply on underlying dependencies of another
category (like Maven) is not enough.

Manual creation + build time verification is much better idea.

Grzegorz Grzybek

2016-10-13 11:07 GMT+02:00 Guillaume Nodet <>:

> The feature packaging is a nice thing, as it allows automatic attachment of
> the feature file.
> However, it always use the feature-generate-descriptor, which produces a
> lot of weird results.
> Afaik, the feature packaging is not much used and all projects i've seen,
> such as pax projects, camel, cxf, and even karaf itself (including
> decanter, cellar, karaf container...).
> I think part of the problem comes from the feature descriptor generation,
> which is difficult to control.  I have always found much easier to simply
> write the feature manually.
> Although the generation process rewrites the xml entirely, so that any xml
> comments or license header is lost.
> Overall, I'm not sure that it makes our users life really easier.
> So I'd like to propose to get rid of the feature-generate-descriptor from
> inside the feature packaging and replace it with the verify goal to
> validate the hand-written features instead.
> Thoughts ?
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