The plugin docs for log4j2 itself [1] covers more about it. If you’re
trying to extend an existing appender, you’ll have to extend its
corresponding manager class instead (an appender in v2 is more of a
configuration mechanism while the manager handles the underlying data
sink). I’d also suggest discussing with the Apache list if you’d like to
integrate or request your feature upstream.


On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 21:18, munishgupta.asr <>

> Hello JB,
> As you suggested and mentioned like that "If so, you should update your
> appender to log4j2 style and attach to pax-logging-log4j2".
> I was trying to do that but it seems creating custom appenders is very
> different here. earlier I was extending fileappenders and providing
> configuration parameters in constructor through CFG file. but now it looks
> very different.
> is there sample examples to refer about how to create custom file appenders
> and attach it with pax-logging-log4j2 as fragment?
> or is there any way to still use pax-logging-service with KARAF 4.1.x
> onwards as we are OK with log4j1 implementation.
> can you please help? kindly answer.
> Regards
> Munish
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