On 01/05/2016 14:25, Stephen Michel wrote:
> Unfortunately, Taiga does not have a separate permission for editing your own 
> posts or commenting on posts -- they are both under the 'edit' permission. So 
> in order for me to allow you to comment and edit by default, I'd have to 
> allow the public to edit any issue. I can add you to the project so you can 
> comment/edit.
>> Should I have used Taiga in the first place to ask about updating the
>> links in the repository?
> I'll have some documentation out about how we use our tools soon, but the 
> short answer is that Taiga issues is a good place for everything

The restriction on commenting could be a barrier to new contributors
wanting to report bugs and make suggestions. Will there be an
alternative workflow for new contributors?
The mailing list is a fallback but it's not very convenient as a bug
tracker. (GitLab issues?)

On 01/05/2016 23:07, Peter Harpending wrote:
> Mostly for terminal-based email readers, I think

Thanks, I'll try to be careful about the email format now.


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