On May 2, 2016 6:00:59 AM EDT, Victor Grousset/tuxayo <vic...@tuxayo.net> wrote:
>On 01/05/2016 14:25, Stephen Michel wrote:
>> Unfortunately, Taiga does not have a separate permission for editing
>your own posts or commenting on posts -- they are both under the 'edit'
>permission. So in order for me to allow you to comment and edit by
>default, I'd have to allow the public to edit any issue. I can add you
>to the project so you can comment/edit.
>>> Should I have used Taiga in the first place to ask about updating
>>> links in the repository?
>> I'll have some documentation out about how we use our tools soon, but
>the short answer is that Taiga issues is a good place for everything
>The restriction on commenting could be a barrier to new contributors
>wanting to report bugs and make suggestions. Will there be an
>alternative workflow for new contributors?
>The mailing list is a fallback but it's not very convenient as a bug
>tracker. (GitLab issues?)

If you create or comment on a gitlab or github issue, it should automatically 
import into Taiga.

>On 01/05/2016 23:07, Peter Harpending wrote:
>> Mostly for terminal-based email readers, I think
>Thanks, I'll try to be careful about the email format now.

I'm pretty sure some email clients can send both html and text, and the client 
on the other side can choose which to display.

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