On 05/06/2016 08:48 AM, Bryan Richter wrote:
> On Fri, May 06, 2016 at 01:09:10PM +0200, Victor Grousset wrote:
>> On 04/05/2016 19:48, Aaron Wolf wrote:
>>> There are no other directories to purge unless you already ran the site
>>> and have database stuff to deal with. To clean out database stuff, it's
>>> better to use the sdb.hs tool rather than manually clean things though.
>>> although it shouldn't cause any troubles if you stopped in the middle of
>>> a build or anything. Purging shouldn't be needed…
>> Few month ago I also crashed during a build(I still haven't fixed my
>> stability issues...) and had to purge at least .stack-work to be able to
>> build.
>>> $PROJECT_ROOT/.stack-work should always be purged first when purging
>>> ~/.stack should never need purging per se, but for cleanliness or to be
>>> just certain, it can be purged, but it should be purged along with or
>>> after the purge of $PROJECT_ROOT/.stack-work
>> Thanks for all the info, is there a wiki page or a file in the
>> repository where I could document that?
>> (a dev FAQ or something)
> Perhaps we should wait to see if it is frequently asked. :)
> We can put in a link to http://haskellstack.org in the docs, if we
> haven't already. Honestly I'm not sure where it should go, however. I
> have trouble keeping BUILD/README/CONTRIBUTING straight. Aaron?

README: the stuff you see automatically on the repo, includes links to
other files and descriptions, basic summary

CONTRIBUTING: full everything for contributors, links to educational
stuff, how we use git, how to get started from zero, etc.

BUILD: the core things that are the minimum of "do this stuff to build
and run the site". This is stuff even an experienced Haskeller would
want to check to verify our exact steps. It's the way to build and run
while skipping all other meta stuff about contributing. CONTRIBUTING
links to BUILD when it comes to the stage of contributing where one
actually would build and run.

While this stuff about purging is documented at the Stack docs and
otherwise, I could see adding to BUILD a statement referencing that the
total list of things to possibly purge includes `sdb.hs clean` and
purging .stack-work and then ~/.stack and, of course, the project
directory itself (and, I guess finally: whatever system things were
installed). I'm not sure that's needed, but it's nice to have a full
list of "things affected by building and running this"…

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