Umm, I don't quite understand -- what kind of rules do you have in
mind? The GNU-related sections shouldn't be in our CDDL files as in
dual-licensing you opt for one license or the other? In fact, "mail"
pom dependencies even state so explicitly in their POM (note the

<comments>CDDL or GPL version 2 plus the Classpath Exception</comments>

or have dual licensing sections (again, in their pom spec).

We shouldn't have GNU dependencies at all to stay compatible with ASL,
so I think it's fair to remove it, leaving only CDDL?

Currently GNU sections are in the following files:



On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 2:23 PM, Tommaso Teofili
<> wrote:
> +1 however let's add specific rules for those libraries to avoid pruning
> GNU-like licenses we may otherwise overlook.
> Tommaso
> Il giorno mer 21 set 2016 alle ore 13:51 Dawid Weiss <>
> ha scritto:
>> Hmm... Just peeking through licenses and noticed that there are
>> multiple GNU licenses inside. These result from combined CDDL-or-GNU
>> licensing options in libraries like servlet-api or mail, but perhaps
>> we should truncate license files to just the CDDL part?
>> Dawid
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