I notice that when "ant jar-checksums" is run on Windows, it modifies
every single hash file for dependent jars.  The actual hashes aren't
modified unless a dependency has changed, but the line endings are.

I get lots of lines similar to these (on stderr) if I do "git diff"
after the ant action:

warning: LF will be replaced by CRLF in
The file will have its original line endings in your working directory.

If I run "git commit" then it informs me that all the .jar.sha1 files
have changed.

My %USERPROFILE%\.gitconfig file does have the following config:

    autocrlf = true

I'm using "git for windows" also known as msysgit, which should be
paying attention to the .gitconfig file.

The difference happens because in the checkout, those .jar.sha1 files
have CRLF line endings, but when the jar-checksums target finishes, the
line endings are LF instead.

If I remove the "fixcrlf" tag from the jar-checksum-macro target in
lucene/common-build.xml, it seems to fix the issue on Windows without
breaking it on Linux.

An alternate fix would be to set up an attribute for git so that it
doesn't consider *.sha1 files to be text, but that might have unintended

Should I go ahead and open an issue?


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