This change would break my checkout' because my git is configured for Linux 
line endings. So the crlf fix is needed.

Windows Jenkins on 👮 ist also using Linux line endings.

IMHO we should do it like in svn: mark those files as binary. Not sure how.

BTW. The same issue appears with other autogenerated files.

Am March 2, 2018 7:45:34 PM UTC schrieb Shawn Heisey <>:
>I notice that when "ant jar-checksums" is run on Windows, it modifies
>every single hash file for dependent jars.  The actual hashes aren't
>modified unless a dependency has changed, but the line endings are.
>I get lots of lines similar to these (on stderr) if I do "git diff"
>after the ant action:
>warning: LF will be replaced by CRLF in
>The file will have its original line endings in your working directory.
>If I run "git commit" then it informs me that all the .jar.sha1 files
>have changed.
>My %USERPROFILE%\.gitconfig file does have the following config:
>    autocrlf = true
>I'm using "git for windows" also known as msysgit, which should be
>paying attention to the .gitconfig file.
>The difference happens because in the checkout, those .jar.sha1 files
>have CRLF line endings, but when the jar-checksums target finishes, the
>line endings are LF instead.
>If I remove the "fixcrlf" tag from the jar-checksum-macro target in
>lucene/common-build.xml, it seems to fix the issue on Windows without
>breaking it on Linux.
>An alternate fix would be to set up an attribute for git so that it
>doesn't consider *.sha1 files to be text, but that might have
>Should I go ahead and open an issue?
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