On 3/2/2018 1:58 PM, Dawid Weiss wrote:
> I typically set my windows git to NOT alter anything with regard to
> line endings. (checkout as-is, commit as-is).
> This really helps in avoiding weird errors.

When using sane tools that deal with line ending discrepancies properly,
this is a perfectly valid way to work.  But the tools built into Windows
are not sane.  Microsoft has had *decades* to fix the most basic
line-ending problems with Notepad, their ubiquitous text editor.  They
appear to have no interest in acknowledging that their way is not the
only way, so opening a unix-generated text file still looks
spectacularly bad.

Lots of people on Windows use programs like Notepad for "serious" work.

If the source control system didn't convert line endings, we would have
many complaints from Windows users who double-click on files like
CHANGES.txt and can't easily read it because the formatting's all
screwed up, and from people who want to use the text editor built into
their OS for editing source code.  Telling people the basic truth, that
Notepad is the problem, will increase irritation toward the project, not


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