Am 10/13/16 um 21:52 schrieb Robert Scholte:
> I'd say revert these changes. We see that this "hack" doesn't always work.  
> Better look for a more solid solution with another release in the future.

The better solution would be to completely remove repositories from the
poms and from all profiles and to remove all mirrors in a next major
release. I'd consider the whole repository/pluginRepository thing a
design flaw. Maven needs a list of repositories to query in order.
That's application settings only. I'll revert the changes and keep the
central repository in the 4.0.0 super pom. Let's just consider removing
all repositories from the pom and from profiles in Maven 4.0 and provide
a way to just setup a list of repositories to query in an order based on
some ordinal value (to not rely on the order of declaration) in the
settings. That's what the JIRA issue requesting the removal of the
central repository from the super pom really is about.


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