so this is the first change:;a=commit;h=1b00a9e1
removing it from the POM (I assumed it was really in the Java code)

Maybe this is a candidate to add to a new version of the settings.xml
This file is a Maven-only file, which makes is easier to change (in contrast to the pom).
That we be much cleaner compared to the profile-hack.


On Mon, 10 Oct 2016 20:54:41 +0200, Igor Fedorenko <> wrote:

Not just the url, but all aspect of "central" repository are
configurable in user settings.xml today. Even if we provide a better way
to express this configuration, I believe the old way should continue to
work for a few releases to allow graceful migration. Many users will use
multiple versions of maven side-by-side (think jenkins, for example).
And more generally, forcing settings.xml update is going to be a major
effort for larger organizations, with  100x or 1000x developers.

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