So now that I have a spec for the PDTs drafted, I have been thinking of how 
that could influence Maven 5. Some things that came to mind, in no particular 

* scope becomes a build time only concern. Thus we can let users define custom 
scopes in their pom. If we let plugin executions declare scopes to resolve, we 
no longer need a compiler:testCompile goal as you can just have a second 
default execution of compiler:compile with different required scopes and 
different default configuration... bonus win, I can now add many different 
layers of test-compilation for integration tests, etc... each pulling in 
different scopes... ditto for surefire/failsafe... yeah integration tests

* we should let the user define lifecycles directly in the Pom (ok, maybe we 
don't *encourage it*)

* mixins can be properly considered... they only affect build time anyway

* Pom doesn't need to be XML any more... (maybe we want to keep XML though... 
just a less verbose form)

* does Maven 5 build Maven 2/3 projects?

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