Jason Dillon started the Maven output color work by providing us a Gossip 
slf4j provider renderer adapted to Maven context: thanks Jason

Then current master uses Gossip slf4j provider by default with this 

Given there were feedback from people finding the change disturbing vs usual 
slf4j simple provider (some are just about changing habits, some are about 
missing features like logging configuration with CLI and relative timestamp), 
I tried another approach: patch slf4j simple provider to add Maven-specific 
rendering features.

The result is available on MNG-6093 branch with maven-slf4j-provider module 
addition [1]

I didn't really try to add features or extensions to slf4j Gossip.

What is the best option for Maven: try to improve slf4j Gossip or use this 
slf4j simple patched version?



[1] https://github.com/apache/maven/tree/MNG-6093/maven-slf4j-provider

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