Am 10/15/16 um 15:20 schrieb Stephen Connolly:
> * Pom doesn't need to be XML any more... (maybe we want to keep XML though... 
> just a less verbose form)

Maybe XML really isn't the way to go. Whenever I look at an XML file, it
appears to be a mixture of meta-data, data and behaviour/logic. Last
being evil most of the time. Does not necessarily need to be contained
in one single file. Almost never do I see people making use of the X in XML.

Btw: You can execute "sh" and get a shell prompt, it would be cool if
you could execute "mvn" and get a build prompt. Maven uses classloaders
heavily. Almost no hotspot compiler optimization can be performed by the
VM due to throwing away classloaders after plugin executions immediately.


Project: Some info from the pom.xml.

If not in a project directory, error message "No project directory.".

mvn> compile
mvn> clean
mvn> which compile
...other bindings....
...other bindings....
mvn> which testCompile

What is the PATH environment variable for the shell is a list of plugin
group ids for the build shell. Maven 5.0 really should work like this.
Maybe an additional lauchner script is needed "mvnsh" so that the "mvn"
becomes the batch launcher and "mvnsh" becomes what developers will be
using most of the time.

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