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> Hi Nick,
> I agree the infrastructure problem you have pointed out

My problem is that I'm man-in-the-middle here.  I have an
incomplete understanding of what you're looking for, 
including your first paragraph.

> We NTT request to allow for contributors to work at their own fork
> repository.  All the changes on the code happens at local fork
> repositories owned by each contributor, however, the changes at local
> fork will be pull-requested to the official repo, and the operation
> team at the official repo will review the pull-request and merge it
> to the official.

Yes, that's normal.  Though as much as possible of that forked work
should take place in public repos, too: that's what git is good at!
I'd expect most local private forks to have a lifetime of just a
few days - while the developer works through an issue - before
either becoming public or abandoned.

> If this workflow is OK for everybody here, NTT would like to take the
> effort of operational tasks and managements on the official repo at
> least until we reach the first release. 

How is that bringing the work to Apache?

Nick Kew

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