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> Hi,
> I was looking at MINA core source code and I noticed events are publish to
> a ConcurrentLinkedQueue so here are my questions and suggestions:
>    - Does ConcurrentLinkedQueue for these cases use the Pattern of
> *Multiple
>    Producer/Single Consumer* (MpSc) or *Multiple Producer/Multiple
> Consumer*
>    (MpMc)


>    - For low latency applications (in my case I'm talking QuickFixJ for the
>    financial industry) would it benefit from a MpSc that has low memory
>    footprint (more like low GC footprint)?
> If that is the case I would shade JCtools dependency and use the queue:
> https://github.com/JCTools/JCTools/blob/master/jctools-
> core/src/main/java/org/jctools/queues/MpscChunkedArrayQueue.java
> Such queue uses ring buffers (power of two arrays) and linked them if they
> need to expand, which is great for theoretically unbounded queues but with
> the benefit of not used linked nodes per element but linked arrays.
> Recently Netty replaced their non-blocking linked queues for that one.

That is an option.

Now, I would say that for an application requiring low latency, basing it
on top of NIO makes littel sense, considering the extra cost compared to a
Blocking IO solution (and we are talking about 30% performance penalty, at

Do you need to handle potentially millions of connections ?

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