Le 17/10/16 à 11:35, Guido Medina a écrit :
> And DefaultIoSessionDataStructureFactory has the following public static
> inner class:
>     private static class DefaultWriteRequestQueue implements
> WriteRequestQueue {
>         /** A queue to store incoming write requests */
>         private final Queue<WriteRequest> q = new
> ConcurrentLinkedQueue<WriteRequest>();
> I'm assuming that's also a queue consumed by a loop thread, anything in
> fact that is consumable by a loop thread and has a chance of receiving many
> messages is optimizable by a low GC MpSc version of JC tools APIs.
> You can look at other queues they have available but TBH I prefer the array
> based queues as they have a practically zero GC impact:
> https://github.com/JCTools/JCTools/tree/master/jctools-core/src/main/java/org/jctools/queues


I would suggest that you do your experiment, and measure the imrpovement
you get with the JCtools queue. If it's any better, we would be pleased
to swap what we have with something better :-)

It's pretty hard to tell what would be the hypothetical gain *in
theory*, this has to be tested in silicio.

Now, MINA is an OSS project, so we warmly welcome any contribution !
Keep in mind this is also *your* project, if you want to participate !

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