I would like to share some inspiration:


I do believe in pulling people in quickly, in giving them responsibility early, 
on rewarding contributions in a timely manner.

Apache was born out of a collaboration of people using a web server that was 
abandoned because they depended on it for their daily work. The mechanisms 
build into the ASF are based on the assumption that contributors work on 
projects based on their individual needs. On an on and off schedule - as time 
permits. Requiring to work full time on a project to show sufficient commitment 
doesn't allow for very many people to become committed to mxnet. It doesn't 
allow for the project to survive times where there is no sponsoring entity.

People asking to have people desisions in public to me points to serious 
problems in the project.


Am 13. Juni 2018 07:54:41 MESZ schrieb Pedro Larroy 
>* I personally don't like the idea that comittership status is decided
>in a
>closed mail list. This is not the transparency level that I would
>expect in
>an open source project. I'm happy to receive feedback from others that
>might be opposed to my application for committer to know what things
>be improved to get there. I have been doing a plethora of contributions
>the project over a year including ARM support, Android and CI,
>some of this work together with my team at Amazon (@lebeg,
>@KellenSunderland, @marcoabreu). I don't have visibility on how much
>one has to wait, or what needs to be improved to get there.
>* My team is on-call for CI / CD which is also sponsored by us. To fix
>problems promptly we would need write permissions to the repository.
>would normal in any other project, be open source or corporate. I think
>it's not effective to be on-call when you can't submit critical fixes
>wait days for a CR. Basically I think everyone responsible or involved
>CI should have access rights. As you know, testing our project is a
>challenging task for reasons discussed before.
>Please comitters and mentors, provide a solution that allows us to work
>more effectively and move the project forward faster, as is vital to
>it easier to contribute so we can attract more users.
>On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 10:31 AM Yasser Zamani
>> On 6/9/2018 12:45 AM, Sheng Zha wrote:
>> > There have been a couple of offline inquiries from contributors
>> > becoming a committer. From those inquiries, it seems that there’s
>> confusion
>> > in our community about how to become a committer, so I’d like to
>> this
>> > opportunity to clarify.
>> >
>> > The guideline about becoming a committer can be found at
>> >
>> I think that page at above link is great but the problem is new
>> cannot find it quickly then they ask privately from you. I myself was
>> looking for it at mxnet.incubator.apache.org, so clicked on
>> "Community->Contribute", the I read all page then I saw a link to
>> on page i.e. "MXNet Confluence Wiki: Development" where I guessed I
>> might find something in wiki so clicked that. Then I saw "Becoming a
>> Committer" in left side wiki's menu.
>> I think we'll get fewer private inquiries on this if we add a direct
>> link about it at
>> https://mxnet.incubator.apache.org/community/contribute.html
>> Regards.

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