I pulled up some more stats so we can make an informed decision.

Here are some popular Apache projects and the number of emails to their dev@
list in the last 30 days
Apache Flink: 540 mails
‚ÄčApache Spark: 249 mails
Apache Hive: 481 mails
Apache HBase: 300 mails

Current dev list for MXNet: 348 mails
Current commits list for MXNet: 5329 mails
Making the proposed dev list for MXNet to be ~5677 mails.

Sheng, even going by your comments that 1 of of those 4 mails are relevant
for dev@, that's still a really high number of emails. (130 email lists
doesn't say anything if we ignore the actual number of emails in those
lists, especially when the 131st sends these many mails :) ). People are
already talking about setting up filters here. Doesn't that defeat the
purpose by making people filter out the discussion on Github? People can
subscribe to commits@ if they find it more convenient to follow Github
activity over email rather than Github.com.

We should strive to maintain dev@ as a place for high quality discussion.
It's upto the contributors to bring up something to dev@ if they believe it
deserves a focused discussion in the community. That discussion may be
started by the person who proposes code changes, or a reviewer who believes
that a particular code change warrants further discussion.


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