Hello Mu,

Thanks a lot for bringing this topic. I had thought about a Weekly Digest
for MXNet (weekly newsletter) - which is on similar lines (can be made into
Monthly if it sounds good).

Here's the quip doc -

I have talked about the Background, Motivation, Features and a mockup of

Would love to hear our community's thoughts as well as yours on the same.

Please find attached a snapshot of the Weekly digest I came up with.


On Wed, 6 Mar 2019 at 19:59, Mu Li <muli....@gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Community,
> I propose to send a monthly summary to users to broadcast the recent
> progresses in the community. It will not only include new features added
> into MXNet, but also various community activities. Here is an example:
> Tutorials
> - 10 new lectures teaching at UC Berkeley
> - Video record for "Deploying with Java" at Java World 19
> Computer Vision
> - GluonCV 0.4 release supports pose estimation and improves 10 existing
> models
> - Insightface added a new model XY
> - GluonNLP 0.5.1 release improves BERT training
> New Projects
> - A MXNet implementation for paper XY
> MXNet
> - Enhanced Java binding preview
> - Numpy frontend reaches milestone 1
> Incoming Events
> - Meetup at Palto Alto on 4/2
> The publishing procedure is we first create a draft wiki page so everyone
> will have a chance to review and add staffs. After that we will send it
> through an email list.
> I'm considering to use a 3rd party service such as mailchimp.com so that
> every user can subscribe it easily and we can do some marketing analysis as
> well. But I'm happy to re-use us...@mxnet.apache.org if it provides
> simliar
> functionalities.
> I'd like to hear your feedback for how to make the newletter more user
> friendely.
> Best
> Mu

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