Hi André,

Op 15-10-2010 19:01, André Schnabel schreef:
Hi Louis,

Am 15.10.2010 18:05, schrieb Louis Suárez-Potts:

I guess then we disagree. For I see OpenOffice.org as quite distinct
and different from Oracle, just as it was different from Sun, and
just as it differs from any one company. OOo is a community of
differences and likes.

I think, we agree, that people within Sun / Oracle have been working hard within the last 10 years did contribute massively to OpenOffice.org. At the same time they were working on StarOffice, what now became "Oracle Open Office". People inside Sun often have manager role in the company and are project lead at OpenOffice.org - that's quite normal. We lived with this for several years and never discussed about comflict of interests, although all those people worked for a commercial entity that had own goals - and a free software project at the same time.

So now, that Charles (and many others) felt, that it would be worth to bring the community into the next decade and work on the idea of an independent foundation .. we remove them from their roles because they have a conflict of interest?

Wouldn't it be logical to argue that Oracle staff also has a conflict of interest?

I don't think so. Many members of the community have their own commercial goals in contributing to OpenOffice.org. That does not mean there is a conflict of interest.

And note that the Oracle employed members still contribute to OpenOffice.org directly, and their interest is that other community members keep doing so as well. In contrast, the TDF have an interest in community members moving over to TDF and start contributing to LibreOffice instead.

If I may quote from the TDF announcement:
"From now on, the OpenOffice.org community will be known as "The Document Foundation"."
"... the former OpenOffice.org community ..."

I find it quite peculiar that persons behind that statement are so keen to keep a representative position in a community that they effectively proclaimed doesn't exist anymore.

Vriendelijke groet,
Simon Brouwer.

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