Jean-Baptiste Faure wrote on 2010-10-16 00.49:
I am shocked by what I have read in the minutes of the last Community
The minutes are there :
It is about to force the members of the Community Council which are also
member of the Document Foundation, to leave their seat at the Community
Council under the pretext of an alleged conflict of interest.

to be precisely, it obviously affects not only the members of the Community Council, but everyone who has a representing role in the Community.

If I understood it correctly, it also affects Charles, me (being at least temporarily not on duty, cf. my mail from a few days ago), and probably everyone else who speaks in public on behalf of OpenOffice.org.

After I temporarily gave up on the role of the Marketing Budget Holder, all the authorizers have been removed by the treasurer as well, although they did not suspend their roles neither permanently nor temporarily:

Hopefully the chat between Cor and Martin will clarify some things, but looking at the current status, it looks pretty much like a lot of people will not be eligible, so to say, to speak on behalf of OpenOffice.org anymore.


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