On Sun, Oct 17, 2010 at 10:15 PM, Caio Tiago Oliveira <cai...@gmail.com>wrote:

> It would be better if OpenOffice.org as a product could benefit from
> every changes made into LibreOffice. But due to SCA this is not
> possible, since LibreOffice won't require any kind of shared copyright
> assignment which would make it possible to TDF contribute back to OOo
> after signing some kind of SCA with Oracle - neither it will require
> individuals to sign a SCA with Oracle and submit there on their own
> behalf.

I don't agree with you here...

Without a copyright assignment, TDF isn't the owner of the code and can't
sign anything about it.
It is owned (though copyright) by the people who contribute to it. This is
one of the ideas behind this change.

Patched to the code are done under LGPLv3+, so everyone are welcome to use
the code, but can't own it's copyrights to change the license and must
comply to the restriction it mandates.

Talking about oo.org, oracle could sell you the code coming from LO, but
could not license it to costumers under a different license. It's up to
Oracle to decide whether this is acceptable or not regarding their business
dealing over Oracle open office and it's commercial license [1].



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