Stefan Weigel wrote:
> In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong about being an 
> evangelist for both: and LibreOffice/TDF.

I totally share Stefan's point of view. Surely there are (and there were
even at the beginning) people on both sides who believe that volunteers
should "choose", or "migrate", or "resist".

But this approach would only weaken both projects: it seems someone has
not realized that projects still share more than 90% of their
significant code base, and that, for example, a sloppy QA resulting from
a split community would seriously harm both projects.

I will surely, as I have done for the latest 15 or so releases, lead QA
and release management of the Italian version of OOo 3.3 and do it as
thoroughly as possible, as usual. And I'll feel free to give some
contributions to other projects as well.

Honestly I see no problems yet even with people having a representation
role in both communities: if they are still able and willing to help, and they do other activities FOR something else (which
does not automatically mean AGAINST OOo! the notion of "competitor" has
maybe been a bit stretched here, selecting only the most vocal critics)
it's too early to force them to "choose" now: I'm hopeful that some kind
of agreement, to be taken when things have settled down a bit, can still
be invented to consolidate the efforts into one strong product, but I
guess only time will tell.

Best regards,
  Andrea Pescetti - Italian N-L Project Lead (speaking for himself!).

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