If the Update Center is out of the question for now, maybe it would be feasible to create an offline update installer consisting only of a couple of nbms that need to be updated, that would update an existing NetBeans installation? Then it should be possible to vote for just for this very limited portion of the sources and avoid issues with early merging. If the installer is signed, there should not be any trust issues regarding the content it carries.

If this is hard to do, maybe even just posting the patched nbms somewhere and instructing the affected users how to replace them manually could suffice, given the NetBeans userbase profile, it might be acceptable to many.

Of course, both options should be viewed only as a temporary solution for situations where you guys really want to push an update ASAP. IMO, the end goal should be that any module that NetBeans platform can possibly live without, can be installed or updated from the Update Center by default, and the incremental releases with the version numbers would just include the most recent stable versions of those modules.

On 2019/11/07 10:56:49, Neil C Smith <n...@apache.org> wrote:

> On Thu, 7 Nov 2019 at 10:43, Geertjan Wielenga <ge...@apache.org> wrote:> > > Can someone -- preferably Eric, Neil, Laszlo, Jan, or Matthias, suggest a>
> > way forward to get an update out, i.e., we could even call it 11.2.1,>
> > maybe, if we can't figure out how to release the two modules (what would be>
> > the problem with doing it as Laszlo did for Gradle)?>
> We can't do it as Laszlo did for Gradle because of changes in the>
> build system. And in many respects this should be simpler.>
> We need to>
> * merge the relevant PRs to master and test. (perhaps provide nbms via>
> temporary UC?)>
> * (ideally) cherry pick locally and open new PRs on top of release112>
> (better than pushing to release branch IMO because of Travis, etc.)>
> * Merge to release branch.>
> * write the hash into the release JSON file (probably 11.2-patch1) and>
> trigger a build.>
> * ***somehow*** sign the relevant nbms.>
> * vote on source zip and required nbms.>
> There is one more potential PR for the patch update. They all have>
> Cherry Pick labels on them.>
> https://github.com/apache/netbeans/pulls?q=is%3Apr+is%3Aopen+label%3A%22Cherry+Pick%22>
> I'm happy to RM the process from point 3, but I'd rather the current>
> PR authors handled steps 1 and 2. If I do, add me as a reviewer on>
> the step 2 PR when they're ready.>
> And we still need an answer for the signing part for 11.2 updates ->
> perhaps the web signing via Apache is the way, but I'll need to follow>
> up with infra. Few suggestions for 11.3+ are great there but don't>
> help us with this update.>
> Best wishes,>
> Neil>
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