On Thu, 7 Nov 2019 at 16:14, Korney Czukowski <czukow...@seznam.cz> wrote:
> If the Update Center is out of the question for now,

<snip> it isn't!  That bit is not the problem.  The only problem to
delivery at the moment is signing the nbm with a certificate that's
trusted by the IDE.

> Of course, both options should be viewed only as a temporary solution
> for situations where you guys really want to push an update ASAP. IMO,
> the end goal should be that any module that NetBeans platform can
> possibly live without, can be installed or updated from the Update
> Center by default, and the incremental releases with the version numbers
> would just include the most recent stable versions of those modules.

That is already the case, although not quite sure what you mean by
incremental releases - note that 11.2. is not an incremental release.

There is just the issue again that the nbms in that distribution
update centre are not signed at present.

eg. 11.2 is all at

Longer term the Apache mirrors may not be the best way to distribute
the modules though.

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