On 11/6/19 12:24 AM, Christian Lenz wrote:
Feel free to have a look/change it and maybe we can create a Infra ticket soon 
for that improvement. I think there are not that much concerns about it so it 
is good to go.

Thank you, Chris. What do you think about starting with the Java bug report template that the JDK has used for years?

Report a Bug or Request a Feature

I reproduced that template below in Jira notation, adding a brief introduction. Just copy and paste it into a new Jira issue to see the formatting (and then Cancel). I think it's particularly helpful to add a link to the Jira Text Formatting Notation Help.

To get a template added, would I open an issue with the project below?

ASF infrastructure


_Replace the italicized text in this template with your own text, leaving the headings._ _Add any log reports, such as the *UI Log* or *IDE Log*, as *attachments*; please do not copy and paste them into this description._ _For help with the formatting, see the Jira [Text Formatting Notation Help|https://jira.atlassian.com/secure/WikiRendererHelpAction.jspa?section=texteffects]_.

h3. Synopsis

_Enter a one line summary of your report here and in the Summary field above._ _Please be specific._

h3. Description

_Enter a detailed description of the problem._ _Please describe only one problem per report._ _For multiple problems, file a separate report for each one._

h3. System / OS / Java Runtime Information

_Place additional system configuration information here and in the Environment field below._

h3. Steps to Reproduce

_Describe the step-by-step process we can follow to reproduce this bug._

h3. Expected Results

_Describe the results you were expecting when performing the above steps._

h3. Actual Result

_Please report the actual results that you saw with the exact text of any error messages that appeared or any trace information available._

h3. Source code for an executable test case

_Add the complete Java source code that compiles and demonstrates the problem, if available._

h3. Workaround

_Please provide a temporary method for bypassing this bug, if you have found one._

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