Sure, I mean they have separated fields if we can handle this under Apache, to 
have suche a template, why not. I don’t want to exegerate it. Using a plain 
text like others do in Github, for example here: or here: smth simple 
with text inside the description field. But sure, go for it.

Yes, you should create a INFRA ticket first. Maybe they already have smth like 
that, for that, you can ask at 😊



Von: John Neffenger
Gesendet: Freitag, 8. November 2019 19:30
Betreff: Re: Add an issue description template

On 11/6/19 12:24 AM, Christian Lenz wrote:
> Feel free to have a look/change it and maybe we can create a Infra ticket 
> soon for that improvement. I think there are not that much concerns about it 
> so it is good to go.

Thank you, Chris. What do you think about starting with the Java bug 
report template that the JDK has used for years?

Report a Bug or Request a Feature

I reproduced that template below in Jira notation, adding a brief 
introduction. Just copy and paste it into a new Jira issue to see the 
formatting (and then Cancel). I think it's particularly helpful to add a 
link to the Jira Text Formatting Notation Help.

To get a template added, would I open an issue with the project below?

ASF infrastructure


_Replace the italicized text in this template with your own text, 
leaving the headings._ _Add any log reports, such as the *UI Log* or 
*IDE Log*, as *attachments*; please do not copy and paste them into this 
description._ _For help with the formatting, see the Jira [Text 
Formatting Notation 

h3. Synopsis

_Enter a one line summary of your report here and in the Summary field 
above._ _Please be specific._

h3. Description

_Enter a detailed description of the problem._ _Please describe only one 
problem per report._ _For multiple problems, file a separate report for 
each one._

h3. System / OS / Java Runtime Information

_Place additional system configuration information here and in the 
Environment field below._

h3. Steps to Reproduce

_Describe the step-by-step process we can follow to reproduce this bug._

h3. Expected Results

_Describe the results you were expecting when performing the above steps._

h3. Actual Result

_Please report the actual results that you saw with the exact text of 
any error messages that appeared or any trace information available._

h3. Source code for an executable test case

_Add the complete Java source code that compiles and demonstrates the 
problem, if available._

h3. Workaround

_Please provide a temporary method for bypassing this bug, if you have 
found one._

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