On 11/10/19 7:40 AM, Christian Lenz wrote:
Sure, I mean they have separated fields if we can handle this under Apache, to 
have suche a template, why not. I don’t want to exegerate it. Using a plain 
text like others do in Github, for example here: 
https://github.com/microsoft/vscode/issues/new?template=bug_report.md or here: 
https://github.com/junichi11/netbeans-wordpress-plugin/issues/new smth simple 
with text inside the description field.

Right. I think I'll drop the text effects (italic and bold) and keep just the headings (h3). That makes it more legible as plain text.

The examples above use Markdown, though, and it seems we're stuck with the less well-known Jira notation. I found a Markdown plug-in for Jira, but I'm not sure how the switch in markup would work at Apache.

By the way, for our own bug reports, it's easy to write them in Markdown and convert them to Jira notation using Pandoc! For details, see the Bash script in my comment here:

Minor formatting issues with Jira output

There's also a link to a Makefile I use at the top of that issue.


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