Hi Christian,

Please state:

- The artifact you are trying to download from Maven Central.
- The "hash value" that NetBeans is expecting (if you've modified the binaries-list let us know the contents).


On 13/03/18 14:44, Christian Bourque wrote:
Hey guys,

Thanks for your replies!

But I think I wasn't clear enough in my original post: basically my
question is why is NetBeans expecting a different hash value than the one
found on Maven Central?


On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 4:29 AM, Jaroslav Tulach <jaroslav.tul...@gmail.com>

Did you built JGit from source and installed it into local Maven
repository? Then the locally built version takes precedence over the one in
the Maven central and has, of course, different SHA. Adjust the SHA or
delete the local copy from .m2/repository and let the build download the
real version from Maven central.


PS: My experience tells me this is painful, sorry for the hassle.

2018-03-13 1:48 GMT+01:00 Christian Bourque <christian.bour...@gmail.com>:

Hi all,

I'm currently trying to compile NetBeans 9.0 with a more recent Eclipse
JGit library (the one currently bundled with
NetBeans is 3 years old!) but I'm having a hard time with the hash (sha1)
value that is used by the build system that's
downloading the artefact from the Maven Central repository! When I build
NetBeans it says that the hash value
that I put in the binaries-list file doesn't match the hash of the
found on Maven Central, but I took the hash
value directly from the Maven Central repository so I expected it to be

So then I decided to download the Eclipse JGit source code from GitHub:
compile it and generate the sha1sum myself. To my surprise the computed
checksum was equal to the one expected by NetBeans during the build

So I'm a bit puzzled! If the build script is downloading an external
dependency from Maven Central then the hash should
match the one found in this file:

Anyway, if anyone could shed some light on this situation I would really
appreciate it!



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