Le 19/12/2018 à 10:14, Nicolas Malin a écrit :

The time pass and the end year is near, maybe it's the time to prepare next 
releases branches.

Two questions :

 * Are you agree to create releases 18.12 branches for framework and plugin ?

 * Do you have some priority issue that you absolutely need fbefore create 
theses branches ?

I see for my point of view OFBIZ-4361 and OFBIZ-10145. I believe/will/try to 
free some time for working on.



Hi Nicolas, All,

As I think we agreed, we need to check all the blocker before releasing (not 
freezing) .

So IMO OFBIZ-4361 and OFBIZ-10145 are not blocker for freezing a possible 18.12 
branches (trunk+plugins)



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