Thank you Carsten,

this is exactly the feedback I was looking for, very interesting.
During the weekend I have committed additional cleanups/fixes and it would
be great if you could test your applications with them and report any
issues you may find.
Over the years, several layers of changes piled up in the *Filters,
ControlServlet, *ViewHandler, *Widget, *Login code dealing with context
values and it has become a scary exercise to try to define the ones (and
their rules) that should be expected and used by the applications.
I took some risks and my recent work is a small step in that direction,
that I am sure will be beneficial to several adopters.
My next step is to further refactor the ContextFilter (and impacted
artifacts) and document its behavior; I am also planning to contribute some
unit tests for this refactored classes.

Yours and anyone feedback and help is very much appreciated!



On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 6:22 PM, Carsten Schinzer <>

> Great proposal, I had quite some headaches with this 2-3 years ago when I
> was diving deep into the multitenancy with several (mini) shops and content
> sites for different tenants.. ContextFilter handles it well, but the others
> don't for the reasons you mention. I was hesitating to propose anything
> because I did not feel safe enough with my .. .well ... workarounds. They
> were likely not generic and robust enough under different circumstances
> (more traffic, concurrent traffic to different sites).
> Good to have a documented guideline now.
> Thanks & regards
> Carsten

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