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With Olingo Issue 1010 (https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OLINGO-1010) we 
got a big contribution for the V4 Olingo code line. I personally think this is 
great and we should integrate this into the Olingo project. The main question I 
have how this could be done best.
>From the V2 JPA extension we learned that the inability to make JPA releases 
>independent from the core library hurts the development process. Also a lot of 
>feedback was centered around extending the JPA processor and requiring 
>callbacks to adjust the SQL statements before they are send to the database. I 
>am not really familiar with JPA and I did not dive into the details of the 
>contribution to see if these points are already met. Any feedback here is 

For first steps I would suggest:

-          Delete the POC JPA Jira Items as they are not needed anymore

-          Integrate the code into our repository in a branch so everyone can 
look at the code

-          Decide on a repository

-          Decide on a release strategy

-          Perform an alpha release and collect feedback

WDYT? Do you have any ideas about how to set this up so we can make independent 
releases? Should we ask for a separate git repository?

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