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Hi all,

With Olingo Issue 1010 (https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OLINGO-1010) we 
got a big contribution for the V4 Olingo code line. I personally think this is 
great and we should integrate this into the Olingo project. The main question I 
have how this could be done best.
 From the V2 JPA extension we learned that the inability to make JPA releases 
independent from the core library hurts the development process. Also a lot of 
feedback was centered around extending the JPA processor and requiring 
callbacks to adjust the SQL statements before they are send to the database. I 
am not really familiar with JPA and I did not dive into the details of the 
contribution to see if these points are already met. Any feedback here is 

For first steps I would suggest:

-          Delete the POC JPA Jira Items as they are not needed anymore

-          Integrate the code into our repository in a branch so everyone can 
look at the code

-          Decide on a repository

-          Decide on a release strategy

-          Perform an alpha release and collect feedback

WDYT? Do you have any ideas about how to set this up so we can make independent 
releases? Should we ask for a separate git repository?

IMO, a separate GIT repository with independent release process seems the simpler way to handle what you report above.

Just my 2c.

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