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Am 20.03.13 16:19, schrieb Phillip Rhodes:
IRC is great and all, and I'm all for having as many channels as
people feel a need for.  Just keep in mind that the ASF approach to
projects is to ensure that decision making is done
in public and very openly.   I think the implication of that is that
most discussion that leads directly to a decision, and definitely any
actual decision making, should happen on the mailing list(s).
I don't talk about using the IRC as a tool to have meetings to make decisions. I talk about daily discussion like questions from newbies and questions about the work. E.g: I don't understand what user XY means with comment Z in issue XXXXX, can samone help me? Or I don't know why this is in the Code, has sameone a answare?

This has nothing to do with decision making neiter with a discoussion about decision making. For that i want to use IRC channels. But this works only if people participate.

That's the way I've always understood it anyway.  Somebody please
correct me if I'm wrong.


On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 8:28 AM, Raphael Bircher <r.birc...@gmx.ch> wrote:
Hi all

At the old OpenOffice project we have had different IRC Channels. Same were
more active then others, but we have had a load more activity then now. The
fact, that not a load Apache Projects use IRC does not mean that we are not
allowed to use IRC. We are not allowed to make dessisions at the IRC,
because Apache has clear rouls for dessicion making.

IRC has many avantage over a ML. You can discouss problemes life. You have
often much faster a answare. And at same problems. work togeter is more
afective and make more.

I realy would like a more active IRC Channel. I propose #dev.openoffice.org
at freenode as our main channel. I encourage you to jump in too.

Greetings Raphael

Greetings Raphael

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