we are still working on the 64 bit port which is intended to replace the
32 bit version in the future. We don't plan to support both because the
overhead is too much at the moment. And most used MacOS version are
already 64 bit and with the free available OS updates most systems are
running on a newer version anyway.

Nevertheless do we have to drop the support for 10.6 systems because of
a missing libc++ that was introduced on 10.7 first.

I would like to propose that with AOO 4.1 we support 10.7 or higher
MacOS systems only at the beginning. We can decide later on if it's
worth to spend additional time in 10.6 systems but for now I would not
spent any further time on it. We have to look forward and we should take
into account that we have many other things to do that will be address
the needs and requirements of many more users.


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