I've seen quite a number of new people show up here lately indicating
interest coming from someplace.  If one out of 10 of them sticks and
becomes a regular contributor the project is in a very good position I

My observations regarding LO:
1)  They've copied some features from MS Office that make it equally
difficult to use....It's not as pleasant to use as AOO.  It's very
unfortunate the distributions have adopted LO in lieu of AOO.
2)  Their constant AOO bashing is a real turn-off for me and I hope
others as well.  I don't think I want their people in our camp.
3)  They seem to be very proud of getting rid of Java and replacing it
with Python.  I've looked at Python a little and it seems to me any
language dependent on indentation rather than syntax is
just........dumb!  There is nothing wrong with Java -- especially now
that OpenJDK is the reference implementation and is being worked on by
every major player except MS.
4)  LO seems to have major QC issues.  The quality is definitely
several notches below where AOO rests in my experience.

These are just my observations as a long time OpenOffice user.  And
Apache has some very interesting related projects (i.e. ODF Toolkit)
that can propel ODF as a standard reporting framework as well as the
new project to read and write OOXML for document exchange.

My advice:  stay the course.  Emphasize quality and dependability over
glitz.  If developers are not attracted to AOO on those terms they're
not developers the project needs.  Those of us in business just need a
tool to get our work done and it doesn't need to be fancy -- just
dependable.  LO falls on it's face at this point.

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