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On Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 3:43 AM, jan i<>  wrote:


We have now for a while had a readonly Git copy of our svn repo.

Should we move to a full git repo, making it easier for new developers to
participate (although it is in no way a guarantee, that it will attract new
people) by lowering the barrier.

For more documentation on Git at Apache see

Moving to a full git repo (see, would mean giving
up our current SVN repo, but history etc. will be available in Git instead.

The choice is there, and it is just a matter of how people want to work.

thoughts ?

jan I.

I'm not sure I understand the comment about making things easier but then
I'm not a git user currently. I'm good with svn.
I know we have read only git right now.

I'm not a core developer but working here and there on the website. So, at least I don't need Git - of course that's not counting. ;-)

However, does staging and publishing the website also work via Git?

Regarding the argument "to attract more new developers":
I don't know if this is the reality as I haven't see any comment from newbies like "If you would use Git I would start working" or similar. So, I'm not sure if a change would give us more developers.

When changing then it will be more because of technical reasons - like branching could be easier than in SVN.

My 2 ct.


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